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Worry Less, Dance More

Class Night Format

All of our classes follow the same format.

8 - 8:45pm - Beginners class  (Please note: you do not need to bring your own partner as we move around every couple of minutes so that you get lots of practise).

8:45 - 9:15pm - Short freestyle (Dance with as many people as you can to build up your confidence with what

you have just learnt).

9:15 - 10pm - Intermediates lesson and Beginners refresher class 

10-11pm - Freestyle dancing through to the end of the night. 

"Freestyle" dancing just means the 'leader' leads the 'follower' through a sequence of moves selected randomly by the 'leader'.


Most people change partners after every track or two so you get plenty of variety.

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Tuesday Nights Smooth Jive
Totton with Dan and Clare

The Empire Hall

Salisbury Road

SO40 3PY


Wednesday Nights
Hythe with Dan and Clare

Hythe & District Social Club

Pylewell Road 

SO45 6AQ

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